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which type are you? the one who... 

2,184 deviants said thinks that adulthood sucks more than rocks s:
812 deviants said wanted to grow up fast ( lots of adulthood privileges! )

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NikilahProductions Apr 9, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I like how adulthood makes you more mature, the problems is that many people (within my age group at least) don't pick up that part of adulthood till much, much later (or I'm just odd). People lose their childhood innocence too fast. :/

Plus most adults wouldn't chase each other around and play games together :P
HeronArt Feb 15, 2011  Professional
kid or adult..both of it! adult people sometimes need a child things and act like a child, they need it for escape from stress or rutinity and that is good! :)
I'm 20 years old. Now that I'm not a teenager anymore, I feel so old. :(
chromic7sky Feb 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm just a 21 year old kid...haha...:D
one who wants both :P ... but i guess so long as you keep that inner child then you get the best of both worlds at times ^.^
Icklewoofie Feb 5, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
it's nice being more or less off the radar now, but my inner child is 12 and dammit, she's gonna stay that way.
I never wanted to grow up. I used to think that all the kids my age who couldn't wait to grow up or be a teenager were ridiculous. I'm still the same way. The future may have a lot of possibilities, but so does now.
catlickfever Feb 4, 2011   Digital Artist
Neither. lol In some ways I grew up fast because of the tumor and major surgeries in others I stayed a kid inside. I long for independence though.
Obscurum-quod-Senium Feb 4, 2011
oh god this was a difficult decesion..... but alas I go with the rocks... Though I say it wouldn't exactly, it comes with an income ( if you actually can) and it fits my mental age more :|
I chose the second option, but I'm more in between. There are many things a child sees from his/her point of view that adults can't. Same goes for adults.
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